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Peach Nectar Reed Diffuser

Rekindle Candle Co


Fragrance Description: Remember those peach gummy rings from your childhood growing up? This one is right on the money when it comes to those sentimental sweets. Sweet but not overwhelmingly sugary or strong. This poignant peach provides a lovely soft and sweet palate to any room. Notes: Peach, Raspberry, Mandarin Orange Strength: Strong (you’ll know your candle is burning but it shouldn’t give you a headache or be overwhelming.) Usage Time: 4oz (4-6 months), 8oz (8-12 months) Best Places to Use: Sweet and energizing this fragrance pairs well with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or common space. Can’t burn candles in your home or prefer a more natural aromatherapy product? Our handmade reed diffusers are for you. Simply open the bottle and place 3-4 reeds in the bottle. Wait about 60-90 minutes for the fragrance oil to diffuse up through the reeds and into the air. +Do not light or burn reeds or oil +Flip reeds once a week +Not compatible with water diffusers

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