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Salt Air | Salt Bar

Suds and Sage

All Items come labeled. This is a SALT BAR. Salt Bars are a wonderful choice for multiple reasons. See below for the list! Salt Air is a beautiful clean green scent with hints of grapefruit, cassis, ivy, willow and musk. This bar was made with Fine Pink Himalayan Salt. Salt Bar Benefits ♡ Exfoliating! I use fine or very fine salt in my bars so the exfoliation isn't too harsh. ♡ Balance - Salt bars do a wonderful job balancing natural oils in your skin. ♡Detoxing - The salt in the bars help to draw impurities from the skin (no salt bath needed, unless you want to :) ♡Creamy Lather - Due to the additional oils these bars have a beautiful creamy feeling lather ♡Minerals - Salt bars primarily magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, and zinc.


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