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tetelestai it is finished wood sign



the last words of Jesus Messiah as he hung on the cross changed everything for believers past, present, and future. place this piece of art in your home to remind your family and friends of the sacrifice He made for you and for them. This beautifully handcrafted sign is built completely of wood with a white background, black text and script fonts, and framed by our unique burned wood finish. this tetelestai it is finished wood sign would be perfect as living room wall decor, office wall decor, or church wall decor.

- 12"x24" (13.75"x25.5" actual)

- saw tooth wall hanger installed on back

- background, font, and frame colors can be changed per costumer       request

- frame can be removed per customer request

- sign size can be changed per customer request. ask about our sizing options!

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